Corporate Gifting

Our stylish gift box and cheekiness. Mixed with your vision.

Want to elevate your corporate gifting experience? 

East Gifting Outfit knows the gift giving experience starts from the moment an enquiry is made. 

Say goodbye to bland, generic gifting and say hello to a fun and personalised experience. After all, our mission is solely to boost someone’s day.

Our sleek monochrome gift boxes are stylish and cheekily branded, and filled to the brim with artisan products from UK small batch producers. Because no one wants a wicker hamper with a cup, jam and some crackers. *Snore*

Our promise is that we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your gift is a truly unique and fun experience - suiting just the occasion it was commissioned for. Our gift boxes always come with a handwritten note, so your team member or client feels that it is truly personal. Just one of the unique elements that our gift boxes provide.

Want to tell us what you’re thinking? Please get in touch with Cassie by email at and we’ll call you to discuss your requirements and understand how we can assist to create your company's vision.

We look forward to working with you.