Our Mission

We champion the little guy

EGO believes in its makers. Our Brewing and Distilling partners are passionate artisans who love what they do. Wherever possible we try to partner with smaller suppliers who pour their heart and soul into their products, which results in superior quality. EGO's first priority is quality, then individuality, which sets our suppliers apart from the rest.

Gifts people enjoy

Received a coffee plunger for a housewarming gift, but now gathering dust? Not in our boxes. Our boxes are filled with products we know a receiver will love and use. If they cannot use, consume, smell or pamper themselves, it doesn’t belong in our box.

We aim for fairness

We do not discount because we try to set a fair price for a unique gift from the start. Affordable gift giving is a key part of our service, so our boxes have fair prices that protect our gift givers and our makers. We promise we won’t charge a penny more.

EGO's customers rule

The customer is always right. We will bend over backwards to ensure you are happy with the service you receive. But... and whilst we lovingly hand pick, hand pack and hand deliver our boxes, sometimes it might not run as smoothly as we’d hope. We believe it’s our response in these cases that sets us apart from the rest.

We create lasting memories

This is the key to what EGO does. We want to create amazing memories for the people in your life that you care about enough to send a special box. Whether it's the surprise of opening the door and receiving the delivery, falling in love with our cheeky packaging, or the act of sharing a superior quality drink with a loved one creating memories together... our mission is complete.