Our Story

EGO is a simple story.

A guy and girl fell in love, got married and relocated to London.

They moved to East London where the action is, and fell in love with the energy of the area.

The girl, also known as Cassie, realised that they were spending countless weekends at markets, breweries, distilleries and generally exploring the East End. Which was leading to constantly buying gifts and drinks at these places for loved ones to simply 'make their day'.

Cassie, at the time working for a luxury retailer, understood the importance of the gift giving experience. How a gift looks and feel ignites a special feeling, and she wanted the gifting experience to be be one of excitement. It isn't just about the item inside (which needed to be unique in it's own right) but is also about how the receiver feels when they opened their gift.

Combining her love of the East End, gifts, luxury, monochrome, and alcoholic drinks (especially on a Friday night)... East Gifting Outfit or EGO was born.

Cassie cannot wait to share EGO's discoveries with the world... but currently the liquor license restricts us with just England and Wales.