Our Story

After moving from Melbourne to London, East Gifting Outfit's Founder, Cassie and her husband decided to move east after a chance conversation with her hairdresser about how vibrant the area was.
Starting their new life in East London, Cassie fell in love with everything the area had to offer; exploring street and food markets, discovering local artisans and enjoying all the independent shops and cafes became part of her everyday life.
At the time, Cassie was working for a company where she’d learnt that the anticipation of a gift was just as important as what the gift itself would turn out to be. When she couldn’t find a stylish, usable and affordable gift for her friend, just to say “I’m thinking of you”, she realised there was a gap in the market. Australia did gift boxes well, but there seemed to be nothing in the UK to match. 
When Cassie went on maternity leave from her full-time corporate job she began to explore her gift box idea further. Inspired by a girlfriend in Melbourne, who had started a men’s gifting company, she wondered if she could bring a similar vibe and colour of East London to a luxury gifting experience that would put a smile on people’s faces.
Sourcing from local London suppliers, Cassie put together a collection of the best craft beers and gins the city had to offer. With a determination to champion these independents and have some cheeky fun along the way, just like that East Gifting Outfit was born.